Valentine Shop

My family has been celebrating Valentine’s Day as long as I can remember, so naturally I love participating in this sweet holiday. Below, I have put together an array of pink and red gifts if you need of ideas, or maybe you just want to treat yourself?!

My Dad always did several sweet things on Valentines Day. My mom, sister and I would wake up to flowers and baskets of candy on Valentine’s Day morning that my dad left for us before he went to work. In the evening he didn’t just take my mom, but all three of us to dinner. He would remind us we were all his Valentines 🙂 My heart is swollen just thinking about how sweet he was.

Maybe I love Valentines for those reasons alone, but, Valentine’s Day is special for many more reasons than that. For all of the people who are seldom reminded how special they are, Valentine’s Day is another reminder. If Valentine’s Day is that extra reminder for everyone, I’ll take it and I will enjoy it.