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The transition between winter and spring is always awkward, when exactly does one stop wearing fur? To bypass that uncomfortable phase, I am sharing some great transitioning pieces with Joh Apparel.

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I like to say, fringe is always in. When is fringe not cute? That’s why I immediately fell in love with the Utopia Fringe Vest. I paired it with a black turtle neck and black pants to make sure it really stands out. I didn’t want the fringe at the bottom to go unnoticed by pairing it with brighter colors. Priced at $39.99, there is no cuter statement piece to transition from winter to spring.

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In addition to the vest, another great transition piece is the velvet Valari Top. The velvet craze isn’t even close to being over, so buy that velvet like there’s no one stopping you! My favorite quality of this top is the deep blue color. We are going to see a lot of blue in 2017. Here are some additional shades to shop for in Spring 2107, via The Pantone Color Report:

Spring 2017 Transition
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This top looks great over a black turtle neck or worn alone, as pictured. The velvet really jumps off the denim, adding a lot of dimension to the outfit. This spring it is all about going bold with colors, but not over the top. Pair all of the colors shown with subtle pieces. Think of color as being your statement piece.

Joh Apparel is a great brand that combines trend with every day needs, making many of their pieces great for both work and play. They always incorporate great fabrics, colors and textures so go ahead and check them out at or head over to their Instagram @johapparel.

spring transition |

Please let me know what y’all think about my spring transition report in the comments section below.


This post was sponsored by Joh Apparel.

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