Sunglasses : Three Steps to Shop

Sunglasses are such a simple accessory but for some, SO hard to pick out. Learn how to shop sunnies and view my 15 favorite pairs below.

I have always loved sunglasses, especially a unique pair that will make a statement. When I am shopping for sunnies I usually try on the whole store and go with what I like the most. Whether they be funky, classic or trendy. I am always able to find a pair I like, which has led to the little collection sitting in my bedroom.

I soon learned that shopping for sunglasses isn’t the same for everyone. My sister hates shopping for a new pair  and when I learned that, it made me so sad because sunglasses always make me feel good. I can look like I just got run over by a car, but as long as my sunglasses are fabulous I still feel good about myself.

As time goes on I have learned that a lot of people stick with the same pair or avoid trying them on altogether because they find the process frustrating. From someone who loves buying sunglasses, I wanted to share a few tips.
1 : Try on several pairs, even if you hate the first ten, keep trying them on.

2 : Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Sunglasses can be so much fun and will add a lot to your personal style. Change it up with a new pair!

3 : You don’t have to burn a whole in your pocket. Some of the best pairs are the ones you didn’t empty your wallet on. It’s always good to have a pair that are less expensive to take with you on outdoor activities or to a busy event.

Below are several pairs I have been eyeing this month from affordable to luxury.

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