The Untold First Step to Success in Business

Success in business is not easy. However, over the last year I have learned one simple lesson that changed my life and applies to anyone looking for success in college, business or life.

In the last year, I have continued my profession as a marketing coordinator and started two businesses. Other than researching and learning the ropes myself, there is no easy answer on how to be successful. Although, there is one huge change I made and for a lot of people it will be a deal breaker.

Before I get to the untold first step to success in business, I want to share some background on how I got here. September of 2015, I started working for an amazing architecture firm in Dallas as a Marketing Coordinator. Everyone in this office is so supportive and genuinely want the new employees to grow. I like to think the moment I started this job, where I still work today, I was being planted to grow my roots. Like a seed sewn into the ground I was buried, listening and learning how to become the best employee I could be.

The more I learned the more confident I became in my work, but my desire to learn more never ceased. I was taught at an early age by my father that there is always something to learn from someone who has been down a path before you. The more time I spent with my coworkers, the more I listened and learned, while still growing. Having the love for writing that I do, I began The Style of Living April of 2016, focusing on fashion and lifestyle. My following grew faster than I had ever expected in the first year, so I started a business plan and began to reach out to companies for compensated partnerships. I soon realized the true potential of this job and registered as a business in Texas, officially establishing my first company, The Style of Living, LLC.

November of 2016 came with some big life changes and I moved back to my hometown El Paso, Texas. Being with my family again has been so special for me and I know all the time and memories I get with them will carry me for the rest of my life. Despite the changes, I still work remotely for the Dallas architecture firm and I still learn every single day. It is one of the most rewarding jobs out there because there are results driven directly from hard work and like I said previously, my coworkers are awesome!

April of 2017 my sister Cassie and I, who have always dreamed of having our own store, started an online women’s clothing boutique Dos Femmes. Focused on women ages 25+, Dos Femmes carries pieces you won’t see in department stores at affordable prices. We add new inventory on a weekly basis and are determined to always bring our customers the latest and greatest. We are just blown away at the rising success of the online store and are excited to see what the future holds!

I am sure you are now wondering how I got here in a years time and the answer is this simple : everything else in my life has taken the back seat. I call this the untold first step to success in business because, nowhere in my endless hours of research on entrepreneurship and business did I read about business in relation to personal life. I now believe to be successful, you have to have only one focus, one overarching goal to get where you are going fast. That isn’t to say there aren’t people who can do it all, but I do know no matter who you are, there are sacrifices that have to be made in order to be successful. We are human, we just don’t win ’em all.

Most people won’t like the sound of this, while some may be reading and looking back agreeing that this is what it takes to be successful. I’m not saying my social life completely dissipated, but it’s not priority anymore. My to-do lists and vision boards are priority now. The way I see it, it is the BEST time in life to have this mindset while I am single and don’t have kids, I am able to easily let everything else take the back seat.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on my journey and my untold first step to success in business. Please feel free to share in the comments below.



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