Sephora Oil Infusion Lip Stains

This hybrid formula nourishes and moisturizes the lips with a translucent color and a unique wet shine look. The new formula features fresh juicy colors and an addictively sensorial feel.


Last Friday, after shopping at Sephora, I managed to go home with more than I went in for. (Don’t we all?!) I stopped to pick up these shiny tubes on my way to check out, closely resembling test tubes, from the Sephora label lipstick section. The two colors I grabbed are 03 Peach Tea and 09 Iced Coffee.


03 Peach Tea

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09 Iced Coffee

09 Iced Coffee “click” to purchase










I only quickly glanced at the testers to see which colors I wanted and headed to check out. I have been really into two shade groups this summer, tangerine/corals and coffee/nude browns. When I read “Oil Infusion” I immediately thought lip stain, which is great for me to take on the go at work. I have found lip stains are one of the few products that will last through my morning coffee and into lunch.

I tried 03 Peach Tea for the first time Saturday before I went to lunch at one of my all time favorite burger joints in Texas, Hopdoddy Burger Bar. When first applying the oil, it feels like a thinner version of lip gloss. The color is not as rich as a lip gloss because it is more of an oil, and as it sits on your lips for a few minutes, it becomes thinner and thinner. You know those oil products to put on your face overnight that are oily at first and then slowly dry? This is exactly what wearing lip oils feels like. The color is faint and has a nice sheen. I think these are great for anyone who needs good natural shades, or if you aren’t comfortable wearing vibrant colors, these will moisturize your lips while adding natural tones of color. The sheen only lasts about an hour and a half without drinking or eating, but the subtle color stays four to five hours, even with eating and drinking!


There are nine different shades to choose from and they are priced at $14.00 a piece. I would highly recommend trying out only one color for your first purchase and deciding whether or not you like the product before purchasing more, because I think most people will expect more color than they actually give. Like I said before, all of these are very neutral once you apply them.

Stay tuned for my next product review! xx


Lilla P

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