Get Polished Fast : The Sacred Art

Today I am sharing with you a sacred art I mastered after entering the working world. That is the art of getting polished fast.

We all have those days when we wake up and ah hell!, the alarm didn’t go off or you just forgot to set it, whichever is the less of two evils. You may feel like you are in crisis mode at this point and finding it even harder to throw yourself together, fear not my friends.

Sadly I have been in this situation one too many times and I am an expert at getting that polished, work-ready look in under 20 minutes. Not only has it been years of practicing the sacred art of good makeup application, using the right products are an important piece of this hot mess quick-fix.

Step 1 : Organization

Organization and easy access to your skin care and make up are essential to get polished fast. If you have to spend time finding each item the 20 minutes will go by so fast you will look up and not even have your makeup started. For convenience I keep all of my skin care items (lotion, toner, exfoliation pads) in the medicine cabinet on the wall right next to my sink. I always wash my face and moisturize at night, and I make sure to leave everything in that place so I’m not running around at the crack of dawn looking for my exfoliation pads.

Since i’m already on the subject, my favorite exfoliation pads are the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. I have been using them just over a month at both morning and night. I can see a huge difference in the tone of my skin when I wake up. I have rosacea, so when I wake up without red blotches, it is definitely a win.

Step 2: The Right Products

One of the latest challenges I have been facing is getting rid of dark circles under my eyes. I never really had them until now and they make me look so very tired if they aren’t completely covered. I have tried everything under the sun to fix them, serums, creams, etc., and as of late NOTHING has rid them completely. However, I have found a few great products that cover them well

  1. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Stick – I use this as a primer for my under eye concealer.
  2. First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy – Apply Directly after the primer and use the wand to work it into the under eye area really well.
  3. NYX Dark Circle Concealer – This is such a great price at only $5.99 and works like a charm.
  4. Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector – If you like a brighter look under your eye (I use this when I know I will be taking photos)

As far as foundation, I am not necessarily loyal to one brand, so if y’all know of an amazing foundation tell me in the comments below! Right now I am using Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fairly Light Beige for a matte look and No.7 Lift & Luminate in cool ivory for a dewy look. When I am in a situation where I need to be ready fast, I just apply my foundation with my hands like I am putting on lotion. I always make sure to wash my hands with antibacterial soap before I do this, because who wants pimples?

I always top my foundation with Ben Nye Bell Luxury Banana Powder.  I can always rely on this product to give me a fast airbrushed look. I lightly contour with bronzer and always finish with highlighter on the cheeks, nose and chin. My favorite is Josie Maran Argan Enlightment Illuminating Veil. It’s a good price at $30 and doesn’t contain actual pieces of glitter like you will find in some highlighters.

I keep a palette of neutral eye shadow, (gold-beige-browns) handy for mornings like this and I keep it small in case I need to take it with me. Right now I am using the Young, Wild & Free Tarte Palette. It is sold out on their site, but I have seen it stocked at Ulta recently.

I use one of the matte light colors all over my lid, a deep brown in the crease and a light, shiny brown or pink under the crease. That’s the exact order I apply it, it’s quick, easy and gets the job done.

Next, I use I brown or black liquid eyeliner (usually Maybelline) and mascara.

Just like that I am polished and getting in the car to head to work. I hope some of these tips and products will help you as much as they do for me! If you know of a great product or tip, let me know in the comments section below!

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