Frank + Oak : The Permanent Collection Launch

Newly launched, The Permanent Collection by Frank + Oak is every 90’s babes dream. Shop the collection here!

Frank + Oak Collection |

Frank + Oak Collection |

Frank + Oak Collection |

Frank + Oak Collection |

Basics. Oh, how I feel like they are so unnecessary yet I find myself always feeling like I have nothing to wear. This is because I don’t have a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a minimal wardrobe built of 30-40 clean, simple pieces that can be worn with a combination of several different, more aesthetic pieces.

Frank + Oak just launched their latest collection, The Permanent Collection, and I am so excited to share it with y’all because it is a simple yet dynamic collection, which is especially great if you are working on building up your capsule wardrobe or “basics.”

“The Look : think of a mix of 80’s/90’s tomboy with an occasionally nautical twist. And always, always romantic undertones.”

I am a huge fan of this collection for two reasons: quality and aesthetic. I am really loving the high-waisted 90’s style “mom jeans.” I hate calling them mom jeans because hello, they are totally hot! Regardless, they fit well, they are a nice deep wash (less likely to fade) and they made me feel great when I wore them. Paired with the jeans I wore the Rib Scoop Neck Sweater in Rose Smoke because blush tones are on trend and not going anytime soon.

This density of the sweater is perfect because it’s thick enough to wear under a vest on a night out, yet thin enough to wear on a spring day without getting too hot. This is a great transition piece that you can wear to about mid april.

With a collection like this, you can wear the pieces with fabulous accessories, mix them up with fun sweaters and jackets and build up your basics. It is so well-rounded for your wardrobe you are really getting a bang for your buck.


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