Fall Hues Under $50

Fall hues are so fun to wear, especially to the pumpkin patch! Shop this festive fall outfit below for under $50.

Today Zach and I went to the Dallas Arboretum to see the pumpkin “village” and to find the perfect pumpkins to bring home to our patio. Unfortunately we didn’t bring home the 75 pound pumpkin I first laid my eyes on, but I got a few little white pumpkins for our dining table and one very pretty green and orange pumpkin for the patio.

friday suede fringe dress | thestyleofliving.co

I decided to dress in fall hues to really feel in the autumn spirit and did I ever! If I could have filled my car with pumpkins I would have, but I had to maintain some self-control.

The sweater and pants I am wearing are both light material so I wasn’t too warm outside. The sweater is made out of a really breathable material which is great for the weather in Texas right now. Will it ever begin to cool down?! The pants are so fun because they are high-waisted and have a side zipper. I love buying jeans like this because if tops are cut short they still look good on because there is no zipper making it look funny.┬áHaving a zipper on the side makes pants really flattering because it smooths the┬ámidsection.

fall hues outfit under $50 | thestyleofliving.co
FYI I think the color combination of this outfit is perfect for Thanksgiving day. The sweater is loose and the pants are stretchy/high-waisted so I can eat 8 bread rolls and still feel good about myself lol.

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