Cotopaxi : A Jacket for all Seasons

I can’t say that I am ever in cold weather frequently, so I am a huge fan of lighter jackets. When I came across the Cotopaxi Kusa Parka, I knew I had found a jacket perfect for all seasons.

Is anyone else really trying to downsize their life? I have been slowly working on clearing out items in my life that I don’t use on a regular basis. When it comes to clothing and makeup, this is extremely hard for me.

After my last unsuccessful closet “purge” I decided to take a new approach to shopping. Before I buy something, I ask myself in how many different scenarios could I see myself wearing it. This approach has really cut down the amount of purchases I make and I am proud to say it has helped me keep my closet under control. After starting this new system, I came across the Cotopaxi Kusa Parka while shopping for my Aspen trip in February. Not having spent much time in the cold over the last five years, I had next to nothing that would suffice in weather below thirty.

I was intrigued with Cotopaxi because their down jackets are filled with llama-fiber from South America! In addition, the Kusa Parka is light enough to wear as a layering piece underneath a heavier jacket if the weather is really unbearable, or as a light jacket above thirty degrees. Oh, and did I mention they are reversible?! Available in three color combos, there is truly something for everyone in the Kusa Parka.

all season cotopaxi jacket |

I wore the Parka every day during my trip and I was so surprised by how warm it kept me in Aspen. When I would walk into shops, I didn’t need to take the jacket off because I was too hot. It was the perfect insulation for changing temperatures!

I am now calling the Kusa Parka my jacket for all seasons because I used it during a cold winter, and, I now have grabbed it twice in the last week when there were heavy wind gusts here in El Paso. At $199, I cannot imagine a better price for a year-round piece.

all season cotopaxi jacket |

Head over to Cotopaxi and check out all of their stuff, they have fun bright wind breakers, backpacks and so much more!

Pictured is the Kusa Parka in the Cinnamon/Moon color combination.

all season cotopaxi jacket |


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