Chokers : Nail Them With Every Look

We LOVE chokers right now! This is your guide to all sizes and types of chokers and how to nail them with every look this fall.

Call it 90’s nostalgia, or whatever you want, I am so deep into this trend that the chokers adding up in my closet are RIDIC. What’s a girl to do? (stop buying chokers? no.) What draws me most about this trend is the variety of chokers now available to us versus the stretchy 90’s tattoo choker, which I might add is now being called “vintage” on Google! Vintage?! K. I’ll just roll over and die now.

For my love of the trend I am sharing with you my favorites to wear this fall!

In this photo below is the Vanessa Mooney Camel Suede Cut-Out Choker. Shop it here. Scroll down for full Guide.

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CHOKER GUIDE : Nail Every Look

Vanessa Mooney

Frasier Sterling

Farrah B. Jewelry


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