Wayfaring in Style : The Guide to Aspen, CO

Aspen, CO is so magical. The scenery, the food, the shopping, the endless outdoor activities. There is truly something for everyone. Explore my favorite moments from my four-day trip below.

The Food

Where do I even start? Aspen is full of 5 star restaurants and local joints that will make you never want to leave. However, breakfast is and always has been my favorite meal of the day, so naturally my favorite spot was Over Easy Aspen.

Over Easy Aspen 

A small joint adorned with pieces from local artists, Over Easy sits at a very easy walking distance from just about any place in town. Their menu is large, filled with choices to satisfy any palette. I immediately laid eyes on the Belgian Waffle and all of the various toppings you can order on top. I was sold with chocolate chips and maple syrup. I am not at all elaborating when I say this was the best waffle I have ever had, I went back the next two days in a row for one! If you are looking for a true local breakfast that will get your day started off right, Over Easy Aspen is the place to go.

A Guide to Aspen, CO | thestyleofliving.co


Inside a traditional Victorian home, Matsuhisa is filled with some of Chef Nobu’s signature dishes that can be found at his original Beverly Hills restaurant. I am always uneasy when it comes to seafood because I didn’t grow up eating it, it was not until I was in high school when one of my friends forced me to try sushi and surprise, I loved it! At Matsuhisa, our first dish was Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño. Order it. It is so hard to describe how refreshing the flavors are, this dish will not disappoint. I could go over the several amazing things I tried, but let’s be real, it’s all good so go try it!

The White House Tavern

Our first night in Aspen, we chose a casual local spot named  The White House Tavern. There is a small menu with the traditional American favorites, a cheeseburger, french dip with au jus, fish sandwich, thai steak and noodle salad and a few additional entree’s. I went with the french dip with au jus and was immediately satisfied upon my first bite. Along with the sandwich are horseradish and thousand island dipping sauces. I was in heaven. The White House Tavern has a cozy log cabin feel like traditional American food that will never make you miss home while in Aspen.

A Guide to Aspen, CO | thestyleofliving.co

La Creperie du Village

The La Creperie du Village is a small restaurant we visited after dinner because of their high ratings for the best dessert in Aspen. It is a very small restaurant decorated so beautifully you feel like you have been transported to another country. Inside I was mesmerized by the traditional candlesticks burning on the table to provide more light. It was stunning, busy, but not too crowded and the air was filled with a mix of different languages spoken from different regions of the world. I ordered the Nutella Banana crepe and was shocked after finishing every delicious bite that I did not feel heavy and tired like I usually do after eating dessert. I will definitely be having dinner at the La Creperie the next time I am able to make it out to Aspen.

bb’s Kitchen

Having made last-minute reservations at bb’s from another restaurant due to the lack of selections on the menu, I wasn’t sure what to expect from bb’s. I am happy to say it was a pleasant surprise after an eventful day of shopping and my favorite menu item was the Bigeye Tuna Tartar. Their roasted all-natural chicken with potato puree was delicious as well, but the tuna tartar was most definitely the highlight of the meal.

The Aspen Art Museum Aam Cafe

Aam Cafe was recommended by a local for the simple but delicious menu and best view in downtown Aspen. He wasn’t lying! Their menu changes weekly based on availability of local ingredients, making it a fun destination again and again. I had a turkey panini that was just delicious, it hit the spot and guacamole with chile salted chips, so yum! The cherry on top to this meal was the view of the skiers coming down Aspen Mountain. It is so therapeutic to watch, I could have sat there for hours!

A Guide to Aspen, CO | thestyleofliving.co

The Prospect at Hotel Jerome

Dinner at The Prospect was my last dinner in Aspen before heading home. It was a Sunday evening and the restaurant was nearly empty for the first 30 minutes we were there. The food was tasty, however, compared to Matusuhisu and bb’s, it seemed somewhat overpriced. When leaving we passed the J-Bar, and realized that was where everyone was hiding. I will definitely make sure to check out the party at the J-Bar for dinner on my next trip to Aspen, I suspect great food and more reasonable pricing than Prospect is the answer.

The Activities


Having been my first time skiing, I started at Aspen Snowmass on the bunny slope. Thank heavens for my amazing friend Amy Stell, she gently taught me the basics and somehow it eventually stuck! There were several times I felt like I was not sure what was going on, but I loved every second of it. One of my favorite things was skiing all of the tiny children who were fearless and flying passed me down the slope. It was snowing most of the day at Snowmass so I was able to ski on fresh powder my very first day! I now learned that this made me a “powder snob” because I prefer the powder over groomed snow. Oh well! The second day of skiing I was at Buttermilk where the X Games is hosted. I was able to really grasp skiing at Buttermilk because it was much less crowded and the sloped were so wide I had plenty of room to practice. Although the snow was groomed at Buttermilk, which definitely felt strange at first, I was able to ski several blues and had a great time.


You guys definitely had to know this section was coming! The shopping in Aspen is second to none. Although majority of the stores were wildly out of my price range, I enjoyed window shopping and learning all about ski fashion. I was unfamiliar with so many of the brands I enjoyed getting to know new companies and the mess that is finding ski gear to fit. Sizing for every brand runs different so you have to try EVERYTHING on. In the least, know your measurements if you are shopping online. One of my favorite stores of the day was The Little Bird, a high-end consignment store filled with new and vintage treasures. The store was exceptionally clean and catered any fashionista, whether they are looking for vintage Chanel or last season Stella McCartney.

The Cos Bar was one of my favorite stops because I love to get a new lipstick when I travel, or two, or three! Every time I use that lipstick it reminds me of my trip and I just love the feeling that I am carrying those memories with me. The color I purchased is Tom Ford “Sweet Mystery” which I love because it is so natural and moistening. The customer service at the Cos Bar is excellent and they always give you top notch samples after your purchase, a win-win! Shop all of my Cos Bar finds below.

My big find was from Gucci Aspen, the Pearl Marmont with embellished quilted leather. I had been eyeing this bag since its release and after seeing it in person, definitely shopping around to make sure it was what I wanted, I pulled the trigger and it is mine! I love the size, fitting a small wallet, phone, sunglasses and lipstick makes it a perfect day or evening bag. To me, the pearls make it a timeless classic. Now, back to saving up for the next year! lol

A Guide to Aspen, CO | thestyleofliving.co


So y’all may or may not know, but Uber is NOT in Aspen. There are plenty of advertisements that say otherwise, but there is a severe lack of drivers in the area. After a lot of walking (which was gorgeous) and a few frozen toes, we were told about The Downtowner by some locals, which is basically the Uber of Aspen. The Downtowner provides free rides (working off tips) to anywhere in downtown Aspen. All you have to do is download the app and request a ride! It is that simple and such a life saver in the frigid cold.

A Guide to Aspen, CO | thestyleofliving.co

As you can see, Aspen, CO has something for everyone. There are endless outdoor activities during winter and summer, shopping to empty your wallet and an endless selection from local and 5 star restaurants. I hope y’all enjoyed my first guide, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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